10 Minute Speargun Build

Building a speargun in my basement shop. This is the 6th gun I've built since I started a year ago. Most of what I've learned about building guns has come from ...

How to Make a Speargun from Mahogany Plywood! Part-1

https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMyvids4you How to Make a Wood Speargun using marine grade mahogany plywood! In this video you will see the cutting and ...

Homemade Folding Speargun

How Roller Speargun Works

http://www.nautilusspearfishing.com/ Video demonstrating how to use a roller speargun and how they function!

How to Make • Speargun Hawaiian Style

Help me growing with a positive thumb :) Stay tuned on my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Rulof.Maker.YouTube Xenon Underwater Torch: ...

Speargun Hunter s07e04 - Blue Water World Cup

TV Show "Speargun Hunter" about La Paz Blue Water Spearfishing World Cup 2013.

sea sniper speargun test

spearfishing in the beautiful and deadly waters of maui, hawaii my dad asked me to get him an ulua so i figured it would be the perfect opportunity for my dive ...

How To Make Speargun Rubbers

This is a quick demonstration by Adreno's two-time Australian Ladies spearfishing champion, Kahlee Andrews, on how to make a rubber for your speargun.

WettieTV - 'GEAR GUIDE' What speargun do I need?

Wettie TV presents 'What Speargun do I need?' www.wettie.co.nz Darren Shields, 6 times NZ spearfishing champs, owner & operator of Wettie Spearfishing ...

Jungle speargun

How to make a speargun, catapult and other uses for rubber bands in a survival situation (www.junglecraft.com.my)

What To Do Speargun Fishing - NET24

Subscribe Netmediatama Official Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/netmediatama dan subscribe untuk info berita terbaru di channel: ...

How to Chest Load a Speargun Railgun Euro

Quick little how to for those who are having a hard time out there :] http://www.nautilusspearfishing.com/

The creation of a Benthos speargun

Handmade wooden spearguns.

How To Make A Speargun - Homemade Speargun

How to make a Spear gun.

making of teak speargun step by step PONT 99 by Sasa Ivanovic

New Speargun Trigger Design with safety knob

https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMyvids4you NewSpeargun Trigger Design animation with a safety knob for a homemade speargun, this is my new trigger ...

Timber Speargun Build

Slideshow of my Recent 1.2m rear handle Burmese Teak speargun build. laminated Teak, carbon fiber inlays, solid teak hand carved ergo handle.

Speargun Band Tying Tutorial - MAKO Spearguns

MAKO Spearguns tutorial: How to tie power bands for your speargun. Speargun bands are referred to as a lot of different things - powerbands, speargun rubber, ...

spearfishing tactics - moving and holding the speargun

بهالفيديو راح نتكلم عن طريقه النزله اذا كان بيدك المسدس وافضل طرق لتحريكه this video describe ways of doing the duck dive while...

130 rail speargun vs 110 roller speargun

130 cm double rubber rail gun vs 110 cm single rubber speargun fitted with the Roller Power Head.The conversion will allow the use of shorter spearguns with a ...

gais speargun handmade in Qatar غيص للمسدسات البحرية

Gais handmade speargun make all size made in Qatar 100% غيص مسدسات بحرية يدوية الصنع صناعة جميع الاحجام صناعة قطرية +97477144412.

Trigger mechanism for a speargun. Part 1: The Housing

https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMyvids4you This video will show you how to make the housing for a speargun trigger mechanism. This is the first video of a ...


My "Do It Yourself " Mini Speargun Video (D.I.Y.)

How To Choose The Right Sized Speargun

This is a quick demonstration by Adreno's two-time Australian Ladies spearfishing champion, Kahlee Andrews, on how to choose the right sized speargun.

How to load and unload a speargun - MAKO Spearguns

In this MAKO Spearguns tutorial, we show you how to load and unload your speargun using simple steps and stop motion/slow motion video. Remember that ...

Rigging a Speargun

How to Rig a Venom Apnea speargun from www.spearo.co.uk.

Roller Speargun 3D Model created using Google Sketchup Cad

Roller Speargun 3D model created using Google Sketchup Cad program, this wood roller speargun is classified as a 95cm, the shaft is 7mm diameter x 135cm ...

Speardiver wishbone system with no hole speargun bands

Solid rubber bands for your speargun = less hole = more rubber = more power, and no water intrusion into the band affecting performance and deteriorating the ...


sorry ga jelas :v.

Pathos speargun Carbon 120 testing

Testing Pathos 120 Carbon and best performing setups.

Speargun rubber! 100 lbs slingshot.

The medieval style slingshot crossbow was already a powerful shooter with the Thera band Silver bands (48 lbs). But The Slingshot Channel has now switched ...

DIY Speargun w/ Very Simple Trigger

Show and tell of a very simple speargun design that I built years ago. The speargun is deliberately small to hunt low visibility water where you can't see more ...

Home made Trigger mechanism for a Speargun. Part 3 - final assembly!

https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMyvids4you Home made Speargun Trigger mechanism final assembly. This is the third and final video of the speargun trigger ...

How to set up a speargun reel

ADRENO staff member, Taylor Slattery, runs us through how to set up a reel on a speargun. To view our full range of spearfishing equipment head to ...

Speargun home made ;)

Speargun Rebuild

How to restore a speargun. Replace speargun cord with filament. Make speargun bands. How to get a cheap speargun. We have a spearfishing channel at ...

Trigger Mechanism for a Speargun. Part 2: the Trigger and Sear

https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMyvids4you This video will show you how to make the Trigger and Sear for a speargun trigger mechanism. This is the second ...

USFA selecting a speargun

Neptonics How To Video Series - Part 1 - Laying Out Your Speargun

https://www.neptonicsystems.com https://www.facebook.com/neptonicsystems A quick video that walks you through the first steps to laying out your mid-handle ...

How to load a Pneumatic Speargun tutorial

Don't forget to say thanks if this helped you out :) Threw this together to help beginners with the first few steps of using a pneumatic speargun, cause I couldn't ...

Spearing Plastic bottles with Speargun

I shortened one of my rubbers AND added a second one now that Summer is coming i expect to be spearing some big fish and uploading new video's. On that ...

"Legolas" handmade wooden speargun | Monoroller 90cm | model 2014

This is a video presentation of "Legolas" wooden handmade Monoroller 90 - model 2014. Turn on sound... Technical information: Body - 7 laminates of teak and ...

Viper pro Speargun

Building a speargun from spare parts.

This how to, John takes us through adding a handle, muzzel and rubbers to a barrel and rigging up a spear to suit.

تجربة مسدس بوشات مارلن كاربون حجم ٩٥ | speargun test , BEUCHAT MARLIN

تجربة مسدس بوشات مارلن كاربون حجم ٩٥ | speargun test , BEUCHAT MARLIN 95 cm.

Andre Euro 165 Tuna Speargun Enclosed Track

Big bad boy gun review, click the link for more info: http://www.nautilusspearfishing.com/wooden-spearguns/

How to Make a Speargun from Mahogany Plywood - Part 5

How to make a wood speargun from mahogany plywood. This is part-5 of my wood Speargun project, in this video you will see the final cutting of the stock profile ...

How To Rig A Speargun with an Open Muzzle

Today we'd like to show you a few tips when rigging your speargun with an open muzzle using the single wrap method. Make your spear fishing hunt more ...

Stranded Deep Gameplay - SPEARGUN - Weapons and more! ★ Let's Play Stranded Deep Gameplay

Let's Play Stranded Deep! We check out the hidden & unreleased content that's in the game and will probably be released in future updates! Warning: Do not ...

How to Make A Hawaiian Sling Spear Gun

How to Make A Hawaiian Sling Spear Gun SUSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/LlegaWeapon?sub_confirmation=1 . - Follow Me: Facebook: ...