Matriz de LED 8x8 - Mensaje en movimiento - funcionamiento

Control de una matriz de led de 8x8 mediante microcontrolador, Mensaje en movimiento (Scroll) pre-grabado en la memoria interna. Principio de ...

Matriz de LED de 8x32 Scroll - Matrix LED

En este video podemos analizar el uso de registros de desplazamiento para expandir la cantidad de columnas en una matriz de LED, con el fin de llegar a una ...

Matriz 8x8 - Mensaje con Desplazamiento (Scroll)

Scroll Arduino con matriz led 8x8 y Max7219

Montaje de testeo de una matriz de led de 8x8 con un MAX7219 como decodificador, sobre placa Arduino UNO.

dea en matriz haciendo scroll

Led Matrix 8X16 scroll message PIC16F84A, 628A, 877A, Programmed in Assembler

Matriz de Led 8X16 con mensaje con corrimiento hecha con PIC16F84A, 628A, 877A, en fin, compatible con cualquier PIC, se puede variar la velocidad del ...

Parola for Arduino - LED Matrix with MAX7219 controller

Parola is a modular scrolling text display using MAX7219/21 LED matrix display controllers. The display is made up of any number of identical modules that are ...

The Matrix Falling Code - Full Sequence 1920 x 1080 HD

Full sequence from the original Matrix movie with the title sequence, trace program, the waking of Neo, follow the white rabbit, and the falling green code.

LED Matrix - Scroll Makespace Madrid

Video of LED Matrix example created during an Arduino workshop at Makespace Madrid ( Instructable avaiable at ...

Scrolling text using the MAX7219 and an Arduino - Tutorial

Let's scroll some text across two or more Max7219 LED dot matrix modules using an Arduino. To get the schematic, libraries and the sketch we used please ...

I2C Scrolling Text Matrix

Matrix: This is the link to the Leonardo clones: ...

Arduino bicolor 8x8 led matrix 74HC595N scroll

Arduino bicolor 8x8 led matrix 3 x 74HC595N.

40 x 8 LED Matrix - Arduino Max 7219 - Scrolling Text

40 x 8 LED Matrix - Arduino Max 7219 - Scrolling Text I've uploaded the code for anyone who wants it...!65RQzRDS!

MAX7219 Dot Matrix Scroll Text using Arduino Nano

This project build using Max7219 dot matrix controller. Tutorial available at

LED dot Matrix 8x8 Scrolling Message

Rolagem de mensagens em uma matriz de pontos 8x8 da direita para a esquerda. Mensagem pré-configurada no programa. visite: ...

Portable Bluetooth-enabled Scrolling LED Matrix Display

DIY scrolling LED matrix display using Arduino and MAX7219. Data is sent over a Bluetooth connection using a smartphone. Find details at: ...

Arduino Scrolling 56x8 LED matrix

This is my version of the LED matrix. It is made up of SEVEN 8x8 LED matrices, seven Power Logic 8-bit shift registers (tpic6c595) to drive the 56 columns, and ...

3 Led Matrix text scroll

karya seorang pembaca blog dengan id kaskus sn0bi.

Arduino bluetooth controlled matrix scrolling text

I build this scrolling text witx 7 matrix(8x8) and small modifications on sketch, arduino nano and HC-05 Bluetooth module.

Controle Remoto + Matriz de LED (com CI MAX7219) em Arduino

Estudo, diversão e controle :) Controle remoto + sensor - utilizando biblioteca IRremote Matriz de LED - utilizando CI MAX7219 + biblioteca TimerOne para ...

8x8 LED Matrix Scrolling Message Changing In Serial Monitor

This is the last of my 8x8 LED matrix projects for now. I'm dismantling it so I can play with servos, so there will be more videos. I created a full array of characters ...

dot matrix display Atari DMD scrolling

Letrero de matriz de puntos (DMD) que he fabricado y es controlado con un computador Atari 800XL. El programa es en assembler. En esta ocasión muestro el ...

Arduino Bluetooth LED Matrix Scrolling Display - jolliFactory

For this demo, 7 Bi-color 8x8 LED Matrix Driver Modules from jolliFactory were chained together to become a scrolling text display. Each LED Matrix Driver ...

Homemade LED Matrix: Scrolling Text

Each frame is generated from the 8x8 letter matrices in real time. Took me a little while to write the code. The code is available here:

Assemble a MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module for Arduino Scrolling Display

Show notes available at Music- "Theme for Harold" Kevin MacLeod.

Scrolling text on 8x8 LED matrix using Arduino

Arduino is awesome, even when you don't know C well.

Raspberry Pi LED Matrix - Part 2 - Software

In this video we will install the driver for the LED Matrix boards onto the raspberry pi and build the commands to scroll text and animate sound bars.

LED Matrix Message Scrolling Board with ATMEL AT89S52 part 2.

2nd update on my LED Matrix Message Scrolling Board with AT89S52 project. See project page: ...

8x8 Matrix Scrolling Text - Arduino Goldilocks (74

74HC595 and 4017 Arduino Nano scrolling text LED matrix

I build this scrolling text matrix with big 8mm white leds Source:

Controlando Matriz Led´s

Fazendo uso da Biblioteca Matrix.h mesclada com a LedControl.h para poder realizar o efeito Scroll de uma frase para uma matriz de Led´s 5x5 Arduino + ...

ATtiny 2313 vs 7x5 Led matrix text scroll

please visit for more schematic finally it moves on !!

Max 7219 LED Matrix (8x8) with Arduino (Scrolling Text)

8x8 LED Matrix Module with Arduno (Scrolling Text) Download : http://www ...

Registro de desplazamiento 74164 con PIC (bien explicado)

en este video les explico como usar un 74164 para un futuro uso en multiplexacion de matrices o display, en un próximo video les enseñare como hacer una ...

LED Matrix Scrolling display 96*16 with RTC.

DIY LED SCROLLING DISPLAY 96*16 with Scrolling RTC.. :) For more info, mail :

Scrolling text 8x32 matrix and max7219 for my wife

Led Matrix 32x8 MAX7219 scrolling text with Arduino Mega 2560

Led Matrix 32x8 MAX7219 Scrolling text with Arduino Mega 2560 (reverse)

8x8 matrix text scroll

Simple example of text scrolling across an 8x8 LED matrix. Some work needed on the scroll in/out.

8x8 Matrix Led Scrolling Text Display Using 8051

simple 8x8 matrix scroll text.

(2) MAX7219 8x8 LED Matrix Scrolling Text! :-)

Finally able to get 2 of them connected together and scrolling text. I had to change a couple lines in the demo sketch due to the fact I'm using a newer version of ...

LED Matrix Scrolling Text with Arduino 6x6

Led Matrix Max7219 8x8 scrolling text

Sure 8x32 Led matrix + Arduino scroll demo

LED Dot Matrix 5x8 Display - Scrolling Text

The Components Required For This Project are: 1- Arduino UNO R3. 2- Jumper Wires (Male - Male). 3- Jumper Wires (Female - Male). 4- 100Ohm Resistors.

Scrolling 8x8 LED matrix

Scrolling 8x8 LED matrix driven by a PIC16F877A. Character matrix definition is contained in EERPOM (24WC16P). Protocol used is I2C. Scrolling message is ...

74595 matrix long scroll

Now with bit more lenght in text string. Took only 3 pins from micro, used two 74595's to drive along with uln2003 darlingtons.

Scrolling Matrix Clock with Raspi and MAX7219

Scrolling Matrix Clock with Raspi and MAX7219 Instructions: ...

Dot Matrix scrolling LED display using 8051

Dot matrix LED display built using 8051 by Nasim Majoka. Download this project from Rickey's World:

32x8 Scrolling LED Matrix

For more information on the development process, visit