Scroll Arduino con matriz led 8x8 y Max7219

Montaje de testeo de una matriz de led de 8x8 con un MAX7219 como decodificador, sobre placa Arduino UNO.

Arduino Scrolling LED Matrix

Arduino Scrolling LED dot Matrix Material utilizado:

LED Matrix - Scroll Makespace Madrid

Video of LED Matrix example created during an Arduino workshop at Makespace Madrid ( Instructable avaiable at ...

Voice Input Arduino Bi-color LED Matrix Scrolling Text Display (Bluetooth + Android) - jolliFactory

While browsing Instructables, we stumbled upon the impressive Voice Activated Arduino (Bluetooth + Android) instructable. You may check it out at

MAX7219 Dot Matrix Scroll Text using Arduino Nano

This project build using Max7219 dot matrix controller. Tutorial available at

LED dot Matrix 8x8 Scrolling Message

Rolagem de mensagens em uma matriz de pontos 8x8 da direita para a esquerda. Mensagem pré-configurada no programa. visite:


PIC16F886 + 74HC164 + 8x8 LED MATRIX.

6 x 6 LED Matrix Scrolling Text Arduino

This is a scrolling text program that I wrote for my arduino.

8x8 matrix text scroll

Simple example of text scrolling across an 8x8 LED matrix. Some work needed on the scroll in/out.

3 Led Matrix text scroll

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Scrolling Dot Matrix LED Display using 8051 (

Here is another feature packed and knowledge rich project update from our dear friend Majoka. We already have his previous Dot Matrix display using 8051. This project is an update to the same...

8x8 Matrix Led Scrolling Text Display Using 8051

simple 8x8 matrix scroll text.

Assemble a MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module for Arduino Scrolling Display

Show notes available at Music- "Theme for Harold" Kevin MacLeod.

Homebrew 8x8 LED Matrix Display - Scrolling Text

An 8x8 LED matrix display I built myself for a school assignment. Controlled through the parallel port of an old laptop using TurboC++ and multiplexing the port to 16 lines via hardware. The...

Scrolling Sign w/ Red and Green 8x24 3mm LED Matrix.

Scrolling Sign w/ Red and Green 8x24 3mm LED Matrix. Features: o 8x24 Matrix of Red and Green 3mm LED's (384 total LED's) o Scroll messages across display in red or green...

74HC595 and 4017 Arduino Nano scrolling text LED matrix

I build this scrolling text matrix with big 8mm white leds Source:

40 x 8 LED Matrix - Arduino Max 7219 - Scrolling Text

40 x 8 LED Matrix - Arduino Max 7219 - Scrolling Text I've uploaded the code for anyone who wants it...!65RQzRDS!KH8aYQ6ILM4BbY6DYGmvVD0vskIvc1KYSKXD5lOeML8.

Scrolling text on 8x8 LED matrix using Arduino

Arduino is awesome, even when you don't know C well.

Controle Remoto + Matriz de LED (com CI MAX7219) em Arduino

Estudo, diversão e controle :) Controle remoto + sensor - utilizando biblioteca IRremote Matriz de LED - utilizando CI MAX7219 + biblioteca TimerOne para gerenciar o scroll da mensagem. ...

horizontal and vertical scroll Sure Matrix 2416

horizontal and vertical scroll Sure Matrix 2416

Scrolling heart with 8x8 LED matrix

I'll be upgrading this to display text and more! This is probably one of the most complex things I have made. ever.

Controlar matriz de LEDs 8x8 utilizando Arduino e MAX7219

[Portuguese]----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modificação de biblioteca disponível na seção "playground" em, incluindo novas funções...

Scrolling text on 8x8 led matrix Arduino

Here's the code: Some clues about circuit: I used two of 74HC595 for serial-to-parallel conversion of data, I sent the data through SPI; the first of 74HC595 registers...

arduino dual matrix scroll

I attached a second 8x8 LED matrix to the arduino, but I think I'm having some power issues since the second matrix is coming through kinda flickery and mostly solid. bah.

8x8 LED Matrix Scrolling Text with16F877a

74HC154 ile 8x8 Matrisde Kayan yazı.

Scrolling text with home made LED Matrix.

A home made 10x10 LED matrix scrolling text from Python running on the Raspberry Pi.

Arduino - Scrolling text (MAX7219, 24pin led matrix)

Description will be updated 10.10.13 Prototyping sketch - Screen recorder -

Scrolling text using the MAX7219 and an Arduino - Tutorial

Let's scroll some text across two or more Max7219 LED dot matrix modules using an Arduino. To get the schematic, libraries and the sketch we used please check out our tutorials page at : https://b...

LED Dot Matrix 5x8 Display - Scrolling Text

The Components Required For This Project are: 1- Arduino UNO R3. 2- Jumper Wires (Male - Male). 3- Jumper Wires (Female - Male). 4- 100Ohm Resistors. 5- Breadboard. 6- LED Dot Matrix Display....

24x8 Scrolling LED Matrix

For more information on the development process, visit

Homemade LED Matrix: Scrolling Text

Each frame is generated from the 8x8 letter matrices in real time. Took me a little while to write the code. The code is available here:

Matriz 24x6

Text Scrolling Message dot LED Matrix 24 x 6 Visite:

DIY 8x8-LED-Matrix with Arduino

This video shows the first prototype of my selfmade 8x8 LED matrix along with its controller. I use an Arduino Uno to display the scrolling text. The controller itself uses a M74HC595 shift...

32x8 Scrolling LED Matrix

For more information on the development process, visit

Scrolling illuminated LED on a 5x8 LED dot matrix

An illuminated LED scrolls from left to right, top to bottom, and resets after the bottom/right corner is illuminated.