Compilation Of Stunts Gone Wrong

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You must watch to beleive.

Best Redneck FAILS & STUNTS! | 1PugLife

MORE 1PugLife: MORE MANCAVE: Some people say this channel is like the real life Trailer Park Boys, others say it reminds them of Jackass, but...

Redneck stunts

The ESK boys head out to have some redneck fun in the desert. Getting pulled on tires, mattress's & couches! In between videos we hang out with you guys on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter so...

Redneck Stunts: The Lawnmower Car Jump

Sporting all the pads he could possible find, this redneck revs up his lawnmower and tries to jump over a car!

Can trucks fly? Stunt - Jump Compilation of trucks

Compilation of best trucks / big rigs jumping or stunts collected on YouTube. Enjoy! =)

Stupid Stunts and Pranks: our redneck attempts!

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Break Collections: Stunts Gone Wrong Edition

Don't forget to submit us your videos ▻▻ Break Collections: Hot Girls Edition ▻▻ Break Collections: Vehicular Disasters Edition...

Redneck Stunt Driver

Redneck Stunt Driver.

Drunk redneck jumps suzuki

Looks like some dumb rednecks from New Jersey jump their Suzuki Sidekick.

Redneck truck stunt gone wrong

A redneck tries a stunt in his truck... It could only end one way. See this and many more stunts gone wrong at

Wheelie Stunt Car Redneck Rollercoaster Drive - Davidsfarm Modified Chevy Cavalier Davidsfarmlives

A video from my original channel that got screwed up in the Google/Youtube merger. My cousin and I at our first visit to Davidsfarm in 2009. This was one of the vehicles that made Dave famous...

"Redneck" Exercise Stunt - EPIC!

Website: | Twitter: @viralvidsca This is definitely unique lol!!!

funny redneck stunt

one of my friends doing a stunt to amuse us.

crazy redneck stunt

jump off d byrd house.




You might be a redneck if you think you can light yourself on fire and file it for an insurance claim!

Crazy redneck stunt!

This old coot did this crazy stunt at a redneck party! (Filmed by Danii - 9/3/11)

Roaring River NC Redneck MX & ATV Stunt Riding Richie Simpson Jessica Simpson And Tia

Jessica Simpson & Tia on LTR 450 ATV Stunt Riding Video Featuring Richie Simpson And Haleigh Simpson.

redneck stunt

trailer park kid does dumb stunt.


You must watch to beleive.

redneck stunt show

dirtbikin in the dust.

Redneck Stunt

While on a police chase. This is what can happen. Dont try this at home.

Insane Chainsaw Stunt.mp4 Quite possibly the most dangerous gardening chore ever attempted. Not surprised that the 'World's Strongest Redneck' would pull it off either!

Redneck Stunt

our friendly redneck jumps off a bridge.

A redneck stunt

We were at our family ranch, and found a rusted old bumper from a REALLY old car, and found a piece of half rotted rope in the same area, and decided to drag it around in my dad's pickup truck.

self made village people motorbike supersport redneck style stunt !

hell yea!

Just Cause 2 video: Redneck stunt

Video from Just Cause 2 captured by Deathgearz.

Redneck Stunt Boy Intro

Redneck Cousins.

Redneck Indian Larry Stunt AT Davidsfarm

Redneck Indian Larry AT Davidsfarm.

Redneck bike stunt

Us being stupid.

The Redneck Fail/win compilation 2012

YOU MUST SEE THIS FUNNY NEWS ANCHOR FAIL COMPILATION! △△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△△...

50cc 49cc pocket rocket mini bike giovanni crash stunt hillbilly redneck

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Redneck lawn mower stunt

Lawn mower pulling skateboard stunt and fail.

Rednecks Jump Trucks - CAR and DRIVER

Each week The Full Hoon brings you the most outrageous car clips YouTube has to offer. Subscribe here: This week, Sherrod and Jim show some road rage, some crazy truck...

marks redneck stunt.3g2

got board one nite with friends.