Giving away FREE gifts on Movie Star Planet!! | Mystery Gaming

Gabriella plays Movie Star Planet again! Comment YOUR username and I might send YOU something!! Play here: Original ...

Moviestarplanet Internet Safty

How To Be Safe On Moviestarplanet.



MOJE STARE KONTO?! - MovieStarPlanet

Chcecie bym zrobiła kolejny odcinek z MSP? Dajcie łapkę w górę :D Chcesz znaleźć mnie na MSP? - adrianna11125 ♥ KOSZULKI: ...

moviestarplanet sad story

Hey Guys first of all i am so SOOO sorry about my horrible grammar and my incorrect spelling. I didn't have time to check over my work and edit because i was in ...

Movie Star Planet! | Mystery Gaming with Gabriella

Gabriella plays Movie Star Planet Watch part 2 here: Play here: ...


Rembol wziął się za grę MovieStarPlanet na Waszą prośbę. Gra przeglądarkowa, która przewraca świat do góry nogami. Stań się fejmem już dzisiaj. Miłego ...

MovieStarPlanet Safety Online

This video has been created to create awareness for players about safety online at MovieStarPlanet.



MoviestarPlanet-Baby Steps

Hope you like it (: ♥ 14.930+ Subs ♥ Danke an alle :) GermanMsp: FreakiiAny Program: Sony Vegas pro 11 Song: Varsity - Baby Steps - I do not own this song ...

Movie Star Planet - Let's Play - Episode 1

Movie Star Planet - Let's Play - Episode 1 - Upon request I am trying out movie star planet! I liked the game where I ran around shooting zombie carrots! Thanks ...

Sad story moviestarplanet

sad :(

MovieStarPlanet - Top Cheats/Glitches♥

Have You Got any cheat or Glitch?? Then Comment Down Below!! :D♥ LINK - OLD MovieStarPlanet: ...

♥ MovieStarPlanet- Mailtime Ep120 (Uk) ♥

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MoviestarPlanet - Unforgivable

Hope You Like my new video ♥ And thank you for 13k Subscribers !:o Love You ^-^ x -German Msp : FreakiiAny -Program : Sony Vegas pro 11 Song: Christina ...

The Irish update // Moviestarplanet // Pixi Star O.o

Pixi Star's profile is sooo cute!! ♥♥♥ yeh this has come on all msp servers now soooooooo yeh.

MoviestarPlanet - Love Story

Ich habe nur deutsches Msp ! :D - Hope you like my little love story c: ♥ Only German Msp : FreakiiAny Program: Sony Vegas Song : Taylor Swift - Love Story.

MOVIESTARPLANET: Let's Play - Part 1 - That's nice

Twitter: @lexdrop5 @c_celeb JilllyBean & Céline773.

MovieStarPlanet- Year of Elite VIP


MovieStarPlanet TV Commercial - Nordics October 2013

This is our latest TV commercial to be aired first in the Nordics starting 14 October 2013. This is the first time MovieStarPlanet has used real actors - stepping ...

►Summer Bucket List◄ Let's Play MovieStarPlanet mit Miri #126

Heute: Ihr habt noch keinen Plan, was auf eurer To-Do-Liste für den Sommer stehen soll? Dann entdeckt zusammen mit FettMiri das neue MSP-Thema ...

Moviestarplanet - Nie ma nas - By goth_lala

CZYTAJ********* Hah ! Nareszcie! Najnowszy teledysk możecie właśnie zobaczyć! Jakie emocje? Wyszłam z wprawy robienia tych teledysków więc świetny ...

Mój przewodnik po Movie Star Planet cz1

Czyli jak założyć użytkownika Movie Star Planet.

Moviestarplanet - I GOT A YEARS STAR VIP!

I hope you enjoy :p.

Comment devenir Vip sur MovieStarPlanet autant que vous voulez .

Voilà , si vous voulez devenir Vip 100 ans , 700 ans , 1 seconde , comme vous voulez regardez ma vidéo :) Bisouxxx x) Abonnes-Toi.

♥ MovieStarPlanet- Random Ep15 ♥

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MovieStarPlanet episode 1 ANOTHER ME!

Today I adventure my way through the game MovieStarPlanet. PLAY THE GAME YOURSELF: (please tell me your username ...

Moviestarplanet 2013 new hacker ?

Will this be new hacker apocalypse? A new hacker "Creepy child" ? and "The Death Rose"? P.S i dont own the music. Other content like pictures is mine.

Elsa and Anna Moviestarplanet

Hi guys so this is a youtube channel all about Frozen! Me and my friend will be doing videos of us being Elsa and Anna from Frozen (I'm Elsa she's Anna) we do ...

A Hacker Caught 2013 Movie Star Planet

Do not trust her unless you want your account hacked im just trying to help you! Im LexiSwagg# Bye LIKE SUBSRCIBE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO TO HELP ...


Heyyy guys don't be mean it's my first vid xD.

Moviestarplanet - Take a Hint

I really hope you like my new video :3 ♥ Thanks for 2.000 subs!*-* German MSP: FreakiiAny Program: Sony Vegas pro 11 ♥ Music: Take a Hint - Victoria Justice ...

MovieStarPlanet Skandal: Mapomi64 betrügt ihre Fans!!! // Mapomi64 ist Jolie xoxo

Kody do MovieStarPlanet na Diamenty oraz Vip (2015)

Kody do MovieStarPlanet na Diamenty oraz Vipa 2015. Dowiedz się jak za darmo doładować przedmioty w grze. Pobierz go tutaj: ...

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars (Lyrics & Music Video) - Moviestarplanet

My second music video! ♥-♥ Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson tf. Bruno Mars (Lyrics & MSP music video) xoxo Hope everybody enjoys it! Please give it a big thumbs ...

Moviestarplanet Poupinie

Moviestarplanet Poupinie.

♥ MovieStarPlanet- Mailtime Ep63 (Uk) ♥

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my boyfriend preposes on moviestarplanet i also get a kid.

i just randomly was in a brides dress when my boyfriend preposes!

♥ Moviestarplanet - Greets & Star vip ♥

I dont know why i was muted then.... but yeah.

Mes cadeaux MSP #1 - moviestarplanet

Et voici une première video sur l'ouverture de tous mes cadeaux ainsi qu'une séance de dédicaces ;) Prochainement niveau 22 A bientôt et abonnez vous !!!

Kody MovieStarPlanet - Hack - Dodaj Diamenty, StarCoins i VIP 2015!

Hey strona ktorej używam do dodania sobie diamentów, sc i vipa to: Postempujcie wedlug tego video jak macie problem z dodaniem.

Bad Boy-Moviestarplanet ~By Kittyy Katt

My 2nd msp music video! Sorry I took so long to post one. I was experimenting by using other programmes...I failed...But I used the normal Windows live movie ...

♥Moviestarplanet-Years Vip Part 1 ♥

Hey guys hope you guys enjoyed this part, leave your users down below for the wishy list give away♥Don't forget to subscribe!

Comment Avoir des Diamants Gratuit sur MovieStarPlanet MSP

Comment Avoir des Diamants MovieStarPlanet Gratuit Téléchargement:

Król Julian na MovieStarPlanet ( MSP )

Król Julian .. na ( MSP ) ;D xd.

MovieStarPlanet Bedava 1Yıllık Elite VIP İndirmesiz Türkçe Version

Bedava İndirmesiz 1Yıllık Elite VIP ol! Tamamen gerçek! %100.

Moviestarplanet - Want u back - Cher Lloyd music video

yay took more than 2 days to edit!

Iggy Azalea Fancy MovieStarPlanet Version

Hey guys! It's TheGlamouress from US MSP here, and this is my first MSP music video that I put my real life sister's MSP account in (myglam). I know it's not that ...

Moviestarplanet - Little Bad Girl - By Mycha231

26.05.2015 Enjoy the old msp c:. /I'f you're curios about the comments, check this out \// Wyłączam komentarze! Powód poniżej/ I'm going to turn off comment, ...