Giving away FREE gifts on Movie Star Planet!! | Mystery Gaming

Gabriella plays Movie Star Planet again! Comment YOUR username and I might send YOU something!! Play here: Original Video: /////////...

♥ MovieStarPlanet - Easter Egg Hunt | Ep#1 ♥

5O likes for the next one? I really hope you enjoy it and sorry about a bad start People in the comments say you didnt have to buy the eyes you didnt have to buyt the whole outift you could...

The Irish update // Moviestarplanet // Pixi Star O.o

Pixi Star's profile is sooo cute!! ♥♥♥ yeh this has come on all msp servers now soooooooo yeh.

MovieStarPlanet- Year of Elite VIP




Moviestarplanet Internet Safty

How To Be Safe On Moviestarplanet.

Movie Star Planet! | Mystery Gaming with Gabriella

Gabriella plays Movie Star Planet Watch part 2 here: Play here: ////////////////////////Even more of the Skorys:\\\\\\...

Movie Star Planet - Let's Play - Episode 1

Movie Star Planet - Let's Play - Episode 1 - Upon request I am trying out movie star planet! I liked the game where I ran around shooting zombie carrots! Thanks for watching!

Sad story moviestarplanet

sad :(

MoviestarPlanet - Love Story

Ich habe nur deutsches Msp ! :D - Hope you like my little love story c: ♥ Only German Msp : FreakiiAny Program: Sony Vegas Song : Taylor Swift - Love Story.

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars (Lyrics & Music Video) - Moviestarplanet

My second music video! ♥-♥ Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson tf. Bruno Mars (Lyrics & MSP music video) xoxo Hope everybody enjoys it! Please give it a big thumbs up :D And SUBSCRIBE! :* Recorder:...

♥ MovieStarPlanet- Mailtime Ep 1 ♥

I filmed me going through some messages but it went to like 20 mins so II left that out and just did the gifts,so yeah, send me gifts for mailtime! would mean alot! :D FOLLOW ME ON... Instagram...


Heyyy guys don't be mean it's my first vid xD.

Mój przewodnik po Movie Star Planet cz1

Czyli jak założyć użytkownika Movie Star Planet.

♥ MovieStarPlanet- Mailtime Ep120 (Uk) ♥

Question- Cheese or Potato FOLLOW ME ON... Instagram - (better on phone) Twitter - Facebook- ...

Movie Star Planet - Let's Play - Episode 4

Movie Star Planet - Let's Play - Episode 4 - Time to SHOP! Thanks for watching! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ...

►Supergirl◄ Let's Play MovieStarPlanet mit Miri #064

Heute: FettMiri wird zum Supergirl! Begleitet sie in ihrer neuen Rolle als Superheldin durch das aufregende MovieStarPlanet Game. Wie wird sich Miri als Superwoman beim Flugtraining auf...

Elsa and Anna Moviestarplanet

Hi guys so this is a youtube channel all about Frozen! Me and my friend will be doing videos of us being Elsa and Anna from Frozen (I'm Elsa she's Anna) we do this on moviestarplanet. If your...

MOVIESTARPLANET: Let's Play - Part 1 - That's nice

Twitter: @lexdrop5 @c_celeb JilllyBean & Céline773.

La technique pour être VIP gratuitement sur moviestarplanet en 2 facons

Maintenant vous savez comment etre vip regardez je suis VIP sur PRIYA11 je ne vous ment pas demander moi en message privée!

♥ Moviestarplanet - Greets & Star vip ♥

I dont know why i was muted then.... but yeah.

MovieStarPlanet - Auch Engel sterben ♥

Das Video ist für Kelly. Sie sagte sie möchte auch in einem von meinen Videos mitspielen da sie sie so toll findet. Also hab ich in 5 Stunden das geschafft :D Von DenOne und NinaValentina...

Movie Star Planet- OhhItzzAutumn

MSP Drawing Of OhhItzzAutumn. Hey pplz,I do not trace my drawings.Because each avatar is so unique and I do not have a photographic memory I sketch my drawings then go over it with a permanent.

♥Moviestarplanet-Years Vip Part 1 ♥

Hey guys hope you guys enjoyed this part, leave your users down below for the wishy list give away♥Don't forget to subscribe!

How To Get Free Clothes On Moviestarplanet January 2015

Still Works! Tell Me If It Does Not!


subscribe please!

moviestarplanet donne un conte vip

moviestarplanet donne un conte vip.

Bad Boy-Moviestarplanet ~By Kittyy Katt

My 2nd msp music video! Sorry I took so long to post one. I was experimenting by using other programmes...I failed...But I used the normal Windows live movie maker to produce this! Enjoy!

MovieStarPlanet Cigarettes And Middle Finger? ~ Kos1212

[READ DESCRIPTION] I know Rare Queen is now deleted, And stop having an Animal Jam VS Msp war in the comments. This was a MOVIESTARPLANET video, not animal jam, so please stop fussing ...

Iggy Azalea Fancy MovieStarPlanet Version

Hey guys! It's TheGlamouress from US MSP here, and this is my first MSP music video that I put my real life sister's MSP account in (myglam). I know it's not that good, but it was really fun...

Moviestarplanet - Listen To your heart - Mycha231

dedyk dla goth_lala , emo_kotek i aga2310.

A Hacker Caught 2013 Movie Star Planet

Do not trust her unless you want your account hacked im just trying to help you! Im LexiSwagg# Bye LIKE SUBSRCIBE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO TO HELP PEOPLE FROM GETTING HACKED!

♥MovieStarPlanet- Easter Egg Hunt- Ep1♥

Comment and like and subscribe for more of these easter egg hunt videos, I will probably do 3 episodes x.

Geht nicht mehr ab 50 abos neuer !

Link : Skype : alexroemsp für fragen einfach adden :) Dieses programm hat keine viren könnt ihr prüfen :) ! Und mediafirelink ...

♥ Moviestarplanet - Greeting giveaway & lvl 22 | Double fame ♥

Thanks!!! for everything guys!! Not trying to show off.

Mes cadeaux MSP #1 - moviestarplanet

Et voici une première video sur l'ouverture de tous mes cadeaux ainsi qu'une séance de dédicaces ;) Prochainement niveau 22 A bientôt et abonnez vous !!!

►Report Racism◄ Let's Play MovieStarPlanet mit Miri #061

Heute: Das neue MovieStarPlanet-Thema beschäftigt sich mit dem Ernst des Lebens "Report Racism". Anti-Rassismus ist nicht nur im realen Leben, sondern auch in der virtuellen Welt sehr...

Etre belle sans etre vip sur Moviestarplanet

Voilas une nouvelle video pour etre belle sans etre vip :) ♥ Abbonne toi *-*

Hoe krijg je gratis VIP op Moviestarplanet

Gratis VIP op MSP.

►Fame City◄ Let's Play MovieStarPlanet mit Miri #074

Heute: ... fragt sich FettMiri was eigentlich "Fame City" ist. Was genau ist das Ziel des Mobile Games und erhält man dadurch beim MovieStarPlanet spielen einen Vorteil? Erklärt FettMiri,...

How to get 1 Year FREE VIP on MovieStarPlanet!

Hi guys! This is my video on how to get 1 Year FREE VIP on MovieStarPlanet. Unfortunaetly, everything will take 1 week to process. You will get your VIP exactly 1 week after you first did this....

♥ MovieStarPlanet- Mailtime Ep143 (Uk) ♥

forgot to upload this did this like yesterday please prove your active and like and comment? FOLLOW ME ON... Instagram - (better on phone) Twitter - https://twitte...

Moviestarplanet Hungergames

Add me on msp Brad, yes there is a comma after Brad LOL I made it ;D The Original song is by Luke Conard.

Moviestarplanet- Halloween Quest! Pt. 2

I Hope This Helped! (:

MovieStarPlanet-Hey Soul Sister

Mein 2.Musikvideo ist endlich fertig!;) Diesmal nicht verschnellert,sondern in einer Chipettes Version!;D Viel Spaß damit...und besonders dir Kati (FoxiKati2000) HDGDL mein BF'chen!

►Große Fotoshow◄ Let's Play MovieStarPlanet mit Miri #065

Heute: Miri lädt euch herzlich zu ihrer großen Fotoshow ein, in der es einzig und allein um die MovieStarPlanet-Bilder ihrer MSP-Fans geht. Es erwarten euch irreale und reale Fotos der...


Im so kind :3.