Chachimomma Unboxing

_^ .Chachimommas Grey w/Black Zipper. ^_^ . Size 5'4 or 5'5 -Medium (130-35 lbs.) -If your height is 5'6 - 6'5 and so on get a large weighing 140-60 lbs, etc.

How To Make- Chachi Momma Pants

Hey Everyone! Okay so I decided to do a How To Make- Chachi Momma Pants video because I wanted my own pair and they're always out of stock and ...

"Thought of You" | Chachi Gonzales | BTS Chachimomma World Promo | Step x Step

"Thought of You" | Chachi Gonzales | BTS Chachimomma World Promo | Step x Step As we were shooting the promo video to Chachimomma World Promo, ...

ChaChi Momma Unboxing

My chachi mommas came in today. And i got them off

Chachi Momma Pants Unboxing & Review

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J-ALFORQUE new Pants 2 form CHACHIMOMMA 2013

chachimomma J-ALFORQUE I LOVE K.S.

Chachi Momma Pants

Black & Grey official ChachiMommas. Size Medium. If your height is around 5,1 - 5,6 you should most likely get a medium.

Suprise Chachimommas?! WOOOAAAH! :D

they are blue black chachimommas size large $45.00

Unboxing new Chachimomma?! PANTS

Unboxing new Chachimomma? Подписаться: TWITTER: - @VadimYWorld INSTAGRAM: ...

Chachi Workshop (Chicago) - September 17, 2011 This was the biggest and craziest workshop ever. The turnout and atmosphere for both classes was ridiculous. Special thanks to everyone ...

chachi momma pants unboxing / H6M! (:

tumblr: instagram: @ayylegappi ksoo, yesterday was me and my boyfriend's 6 month anniversary :D yay! not bad for not ...

"Quachie"Momma [Chachimomma pants] tutorial

As I said in the video, I have NO experience and didn't even plan on doing this. It just happened haha and I LOVE YOU Chachi T_T I'm not trying to rip her mums ...

Chachimomma Unboxing!!!!

Finally got my chachimommas!!! Yay! STALK ME! -------------------- Snapchat:jessica.1010 Twitter: @JessiesLilWorld Instagram: @jessi.ca10 Vine: ...

LANDO WILKINS || DRAKE - THE MOTTO (for sweats) (for RUN BNG tanks and tees) (new music) (for ...

Chachimomma World (BTS Footage) w/ Chachi & Momz-N-Da Hood | Hip Hop International 2012

Chachimomma World Promo (Behind The Scenes Footage) w/ Momz-N-Da Hood | Hip Hop International 2012 During the "Chachimomma World" shoot with ...

Chachimomma World Promo 2012 feat. Chachi Gonzales| Filmed and Edited by Step x Step Dance

Chachimomma World Promo 2012| Feat. Luke Minx| JRosen Films and Step x Step Dance Filmed at Hip Hop International 2012, Chachi and her fans gathered ...

Chachimomma Harlem Shake Contest

Pants by Chachimomma

Chachimomma World Promo Teaser| Filmed and Edited by Step x Step Dance & JRosen Films

Chachimomma World Promo Teaser| Filmed and Edited by Step x Step Dance & JRosen Films Chachimomma World Promo will be released soon on Chachi's ...

Big pockets Chachimomma pants

chachimomma pants.

Figment | Harlem Shake | Chachimomma Contest

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Team Styro // Destination

Finally after months of hard work it is out. Check out to see where we get our sick pants! --- ...

RE: How To Make Chachimomma Pants & Pockets| @TamaraLeiva_

Hey guys! Just wanted to make a video saying thank you for liking,sharing and subscribing! Also, I know that a lot of people have asked me again and again how ...

chachimomma pants charcoal-grey M

hi everyone, here's a quick view at my first chachimomma pants! it took me some time to figure out what size I had searching online for video's and pictures, so to ...

Chachimomma unboxing!!

I got Small.

UNBOXING Chachi Momma/GabrielleClement Instagram: Hudba v intru - Moje vlastní (vyrobeno přes Music Maker Jam)


ahfuhugarejfdsnvgfsurgoregjkfdnvhjr BLACK BLACK. $45.00 Medium

Chachi momma unboxing

My chachis just came in the mail today and they are a really good pair of pants. I can deffenetly say that it won't be my last chachi momma pants. I am 4'8 and the ...

Chachimomma! - Brooke My Baby

Movie star planet movie.

ChachiMomma Harlem Shake Contest: SU W!CKED Dance Crew

Suffolk University's W!CKED Hip-Hop Dance Crew ChachiMomma Harlem Shake Contest Pants by ChachiMomma!!

Chachi momma pants

Published on 26 April 2014 my chachi mommas come in today .and I got them off My email Facebook ...

First video. Chachi momma pants pickup.

via YouTube Capture.

Chachimomma unboxing

Bought this on Amazon for $59.95! Shipping came in two days because of prime.

Savvy gets his Chachimomma's!

It's the happiest day of Savvy (Tyrrel)'s life as he receives his first Chachimomma's.

Chachimomma unboxing!

I got a Small.

Chachimomma Pants REVIEW

Heute mal ein Video am Freitag, da die letzten2 Wochen keins kam (:

Chachi Momma Sweats came in

Chachimomma - justin Bieber


Chachimomma Pants For Men's Fashion [Unisex] *Requested By Viewer* (My Thoughts)

[Pre Written Default Description Listed Below] *For Your Plndr, Brick Harbor, & Karmaloop Purchases, Use My Rep Code: LegendaryFashionGuru For Discounts ...

Acheter pantalon Chachimomma

Salut tous le monde , Je ne sais pas si vous voyez les pantalon de Chachi (Chachi est une danseuse) Ben sont pantalon se vent ici ...

Mom hates Justin Bieber's pants - Parents Just Don't Understand

Subscribe to AUX now: AUX producer Justin asks his mom to review Justin Bieber's pants. Subscribe to AUX on YouTube: ...


Skyclad by Alvin risk (dance tribute) #chachimomma

This dance is a tribute for anyone who has a family member or a friend in the marines Those who are not with you will always be watching over you and ...

chachimomma unboxing

unboxing a chachimomma pant sorry my english is really bad because i not speaking english SORRY.

Chachimomma pants & Supra shoes

Chachi momma pants review

via YouTube Capture.

Veda Day 29 "Phineas & Ferb & Dallen" (& My Chachi Momma's)

Watch Dallen's Kingdom Hearts Music video, its pretty awesome! : (Its the one i kinda-helped make, all i really ...