How To Make- Chachi Momma Pants

Hey Everyone! Okay so I decided to do a How To Make- Chachi Momma Pants video because I wanted my own pair and they're always out of stock and ...

Chachi Momma Pants

Black & Grey official ChachiMommas. Size Medium. If your height is around 5,1 - 5,6 you should most likely get a medium.

"Thought of You" | Chachi Gonzales | BTS Chachimomma World Promo | Step x Step

"Thought of You" | Chachi Gonzales | BTS Chachimomma World Promo | Step x Step As we were shooting the promo video to Chachimomma World Promo, ...

Chachimomma Unboxing

_^ .Chachimommas Grey w/Black Zipper. ^_^ . Size 5'4 or 5'5 -Medium (130-35 lbs.) -If your height is 5'6 - 6'5 and so on get a large weighing 140-60 lbs, etc.

Chachi Momma Pants Unboxing & Review

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ChaChi Momma Unboxing

My chachi mommas came in today. And i got them off

Unboxing new Chachimomma?! PANTS

Unboxing new Chachimomma? Подписаться: TWITTER: - @TheLightFeed INSTAGRAM: ...

Chachimomma Pants REVIEW

Heute mal ein Video am Freitag, da die letzten2 Wochen keins kam (: Wo ich die Hose gekauft habe?

Chachimomma World (BTS Footage) w/ Chachi & Momz-N-Da Hood | Hip Hop International 2012

Chachimomma World Promo (Behind The Scenes Footage) w/ Momz-N-Da Hood | Hip Hop International 2012 During the "Chachimomma World" shoot with ...

J-ALFORQUE new Pants 2 form CHACHIMOMMA 2013

chachimomma J-ALFORQUE I LOVE K.S.

DIY | Harem Sweatpants Tutorial

My links! Add me on SHOTS: Kaylathomas40 Twitter: 2nd Channel: Instagram: ...

"Quachie"Momma [Chachimomma pants] tutorial

As I said in the video, I have NO experience and didn't even plan on doing this. It just happened haha and I LOVE YOU Chachi T_T I'm not trying to rip her mums ...

Suprise Chachimommas?! WOOOAAAH! :D

they are blue black chachimommas size large $45.00

Chachimomma World Promo 2012 feat. Chachi Gonzales| Filmed and Edited by Step x Step Dance

Chachimomma World Promo 2012| Feat. Luke Minx| JRosen Films and Step x Step Dance Filmed at Hip Hop International 2012, Chachi and her fans gathered ...

chachi momma pants unboxing / H6M! (:

tumblr: instagram: @ayylegappi ksoo, yesterday was me and my boyfriend's 6 month anniversary :D yay! not bad for not ...


ahfuhugarejfdsnvgfsurgoregjkfdnvhjr BLACK BLACK. $45.00 Medium

chachimomma pants charcoal-grey M

hi everyone, here's a quick view at my first chachimomma pants! it took me some time to figure out what size I had searching online for video's and pictures, so to ...

Chachimomma Harlem Shake

Pants by Chachimomma Get a pair today because I quote "They're pretty swaggy! All day!" Dancers: Adrian, Theresa, Crystal, Alexis ...

Chachimomma Unboxing!!!!

Finally got my chachimommas!!! Yay! STALK ME! -------------------- Snapchat:jessica.1010 Twitter: @JessiesLilWorld Instagram: @jessi.ca10 Vine: ...

Calças Chachimomma Original Representante Oficial Brasil


UNBOXING Chachi Momma/GabrielleClement Instagram: Hudba v intru - Moje vlastní (vyrobeno přes Music Maker Jam)

Chachimomma unboxing!!

I got Small.

Savvy gets his Chachimomma's!

It's the happiest day of Savvy (Tyrrel)'s life as he receives his first Chachimomma's.

Chachimomma unboxing

Bought this on Amazon for $59.95! Shipping came in two days because of prime.

Team Styro // Destination

Finally after months of hard work it is out. Check out to see where we get our sick pants! --- ...

Chachimomma pants with Big pockets

Chachimomma pants unboxing || NL || first video

dit was mijn eerste video op youtube ik hoop dat jullie hem heel erg leuk vonden en er van genoten. subscribe, lik and comment! xo.

Chachimomma World Promo Teaser| Filmed and Edited by Step x Step Dance & JRosen Films

Chachimomma World Promo Teaser| Filmed and Edited by Step x Step Dance & JRosen Films Chachimomma World Promo will be released soon on Chachi's ...

Chachimomma Harlem Shake Contest

Pants by Chachimomma

Chachimomma unboxing!

I got a Small.

Figment | Harlem Shake | Chachimomma Contest

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Chachi momma pants

Published on 26 April 2014 my chachi mommas come in today .and I got them off My email Facebook ...

RE: How To Make Chachimomma Pants & Pockets| @TamaraLeiva_

Hey guys! Just wanted to make a video saying thank you for liking,sharing and subscribing! Also, I know that a lot of people have asked me again and again how ...

Acheter pantalon Chachimomma

Salut tous le monde , Je ne sais pas si vous voyez les pantalon de Chachi (Chachi est une danseuse) Ben sont pantalon se vent ici ...


Pants by Chachimomma - Harlem Shake Contest! We decided to enter this contest just a few days before it ends! HELP OUR ...

Chachimomma - justin Bieber


Chachimomma pants & Supra shoes

Chachimomma! - Brooke My Baby

Movie star planet movie.

ChachiMomma Harlem Shake Contest: SU W!CKED Dance Crew

Suffolk University's W!CKED Hip-Hop Dance Crew ChachiMomma Harlem Shake Contest Pants by ChachiMomma!!

Chachimomma pants!

Espero que hos haya gustado el vídeo!! Mi instagram: @irenebati.

Chachimomma Harlem shake contest

Pants by chachimomma.

Chachi Workshop (Chicago) - September 17, 2011 This was the biggest and craziest workshop ever. The turnout and atmosphere for both classes was ridiculous. Special thanks to everyone ...

*Harlem Chachimomma// Harlem shake// Contest

Pants by Chachimomma : "". Harlem Shake. Check it out :) this was for my 18th birthday!!! Hope you like it!!

chachimomma unboxing

unboxing a chachimomma pant sorry my english is really bad because i not speaking english SORRY.

First video. Chachi momma pants pickup.

via YouTube Capture.

Msp Chachimomma : Me Irl