Garhwali Dance by Bhotiya Women of Niti Valley in Chamoli Garhwal

हमारी संस्कृति की एक झलक, जिला चमोली की नीति घाटी का सुरायीथोटा मा, शेरों...

bhotiya dog kuta video

bhotiya dog kuta video.

MY bhotu (bhotiya dog)

jind babargo poker baaro ja bhotiya pe

programing song.

bhotiya marriage - barat dance with sword and shield - munshiyari himalayas

bhotiya wedding dance at munshiyari in the shadow of the panch chuli range, pithoragarh district, kumaon, uttarakhand. i was on a bicyling trip across the ...

New Palika Market : Bhotiya/Bhutia/Tibetan Market : Indira Market Nainital

Please Visit our Blog for Article on the Hill Station of Nainital ---- top 10 hill stations in india, best hill ...

Kopila Idol Top 20 contestant No.16 Pemba Bhotiya

Farhad Darya - Bang Bhotiya

Farhad Darya - Bang Bhotiya سرگرمی برای همه Watch Afghan Movies, Download Afghan ...

Ma dhulo bata aaye-Peter Isaacs Bhotiya in Juan Nepali Fellowship, Incheon South Korea

it was wonderful moment to have Pastor Peter among us. he delivered wonderful sermon plus a wonderful song. the song is very melodious and meaningful, ...

bhotiya dog kuta video

bhotiya dog kuta video.

bhotiya dance.mp4

from the video KM.

bhotiya bangla

video uploaded from my mobile phone.

dawlance news camerman shabo ka sth bhotiya coloney buitems..mp4

exampole of dawlance...

Bhotiya house by raj part 1

Hot Rasiya - Chal Bhotiya Mela Mein | Karasdev Ka Mela | Ramdhan Gujjar

For more videos click | Singer - Ramdhan Gujjar Album - Karasdev Ka Mela Label - Anjana ...

Bhotiya gangnam

Bhotiya dog name dani

My lovely pupy.


2nd runner up in "Adult Group Dance" Category. Creative Dance performed by Rohini Negi, Sweety Rawat and Anamika Nautiyal on a Rongpa (Bhotiya) song ...

Kandali: A festival of Bhotia community

Kangdali Festival is a festival held by the rung tribe of the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. This festival coincides with the blooming of the Kandali plant, which ...

Adaalat - अदालत - Goa Mein Bhootia Car - Episode 387 - 10th January 2015

" Adalat is a show - Promoolving around KD Pathak, a suave, sophisticated, witty and yet unconventional lawyer who is known as a 'Houdini' in circles of law ...

Himalayas Bhotia Dog

These Bhotia Dogs live in temp of minus 20-30 degrees & protect Sheep from Leopards & are also known as Shephard/Gaddi Dogs.


Bhotia Cultural Dance (Sarow taal) in Niti-Mana Ghati.

Kuari Pass Trek from Auli

Mountain Shepherds, a community owned and operated tourism enterprise in the High Himalayas, presents Kauri Pass Trek Visit us at ...

Pithoragarh to munsyari marriage 1 part

Bhotiya barat.

Nanda Devi Institute :- Training in community based disaster response

Documentation of the pilot course on community based disaster management organized in collaboration with the Reliance Foundation at NDI Base camp, Kuflon ...

Nanda Devi World Heritage: Lata Kharak-Tolma Trek

coming soon.

Kak Bhushandi Tal Trek: Nanda Devi Biosphere

Kak Bhushandi Tal is a sacred lake at an altutude of 4400 m in the high Himalayan region of Uttarakhand in INDIA. The area comes under the Nanda Devi ...

Dayara Bugyal to Dodital, Darwa Top and Hanumanchatti

Vist us at: Presenting multimedia itinerary of the trek from Barsu village to Dayara meadows (bugyal) and further to Dodital, darwa top and ...

Aali - Bedni Bugyal - Roopkund Trek

Mystic Lake For Details

Site for MSI Adventure Institute

Commentary of Uttarakhand Key Rangeet (Circa 1994, Uttarakhand Movement)

Commentary and snippets of the audio cassette Uttarakhand Key Rangeet released by Uttarakhand Sanskritic Morcha and Shakti Shamuha Mumbai during the ...

Trek to Dodital - Darwa Top.

Presenting multi media itinerary of Dodital-Darwa Top trek. Please note you can arrive straight to our campsite at Kuflon (near Sangamchatti) to enjoy outdoors ...

sandhyamusic2011-Maya marn sakin

View of Nanda Devi Peak from Devi Darshan Lodge in Auli, India

View of Nanda Devi Peak from Devi Darshan Lodge in Auli. For online booking please visit

Top 5 bollywoood Hit Song :Sep 2014

1)Aata majhi Satakli...Song 2)Gori Chitti.. Song 3)Bhopu...Song 4)Shake Your Bhotiya...Song 5)Mahi Ve...Song.

Kuari Pass Trek from Berahi to Auli

The Kauri Pass Trek from Berahi covers part of the legendary Curzon Trail in the District of Chamoli in Uttarakhand Himalayas, INDIA. The trek itself provides an ...

Ukha Devi Who After Her

Ms. Ukha Devi Laspal a Bhotiya tribe woman of Johar Valley, Uttarakhand has rich knowledge of uses of medicinal plants for treating various ailments. She has ...

Community Based Disaster Response: media coverage

media coverage of the training program on community based disaster response held between 3rd-13th January 2014, at the base camp of Nanda Devi Institute ...

Burans ! ( Circa 1994, Uttarakhand Movement )

As a confederation of the various theatre groups, writers and activists, Uttarakhand Sanskritic Morcha was formed in August 1994 to provide creative support to ...

Kailash Gurung's new promo (timi mari sakyau mero najar ma)

Kailash Gurung's new Promo(Timi marisakyau mero najar ma) Album: Koseli vocal/music:Kailash Gurung Lyrics: Guru Bhotiya Song: Timi Marisakyau mero ...

Yoga Treks in the Himalayas

A new experience for adventure lovers from Mountain Shepherds, a community owned and operated tourism enterprise in the High Himalayas. Visit us at ...

Janadhaar Trailer 2012: a film by Jade Ajani and David Meek

Coming to film festivals in 2012! This feature-length documentary, which is set in India's Garwhal Himalaya, explores the struggle for community-owned ...

Bharat scout and guide inter collage allahabad

Garib le garne maya sasto hunxa ra.

Bhotiya Temba.

Trek zu den Dayara Weiden, nach Dodital und zum Darwa Pass

Visit for details Die ‚Mountain Shepherds sind der wirtschaftliche Zweig der ‚Nanda Devi Kampagne zur nachhaltigen Sicherung von ...

Fuleko Fula hau ki .. By Anju Panta & Thupten Bhotia with my picturea

Thupten bhotiya & Anju Panta with my animation ...

Janadhaar Trailer: a film by Jade Ajani and David Meek

This feature-length documentary, which is set in India's Garwhal Himalaya, explores the struggle for community-owned ecotourism and sustainable rural ...