TG Caption Montage N° 1

My first Caption Montage, I hope you'll like it.

tg caption montage #3

finally here enjoy.

My next Tg caption montage

finally my next edition.

TG Caption Montage 4

yea keeping promise for every month or so.

TG Caption Montage #4 HIGH QUALITY

high quality happy.



TG Captions MOC The wisher Ep #1

I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF ANY PHOTO OR IMAGE SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO Thank you all for subscribing! This means you guys like what I'm doing so I'll carry on. However, my life is very busy.

Transgender Caption Montage #3

A Transgendered caption Montage. Enjoy!

T.G-Tom's 2009 Animation Montage

A montage that shows what i've done this year, including never shown footage and RAW footage. It also includes a very small shot from 'Truth', the project I'm working on. Visit www.bricksinmotio...

TG Caption Fantasy 1

What is your fantasy, becomes reality on my channel!

TG montage #2


tg captions: 1000coinstg quicky 2

I've been really buisy with some big changes in the collectors stories on my blog. All will be revealed soon when I release the 1 year special.

Tg Captions 9

Update: New Blog at find captions there first before they go up on youtube! Hope you like it. Tell me what you think in the comments Please like, subscribe...

Transgendered Caption Montage #2

A Transgendered Caption Montage.

Transgendered Caption Montage #1

A Transgendered Caption Montage I hope you all enjoy it.

Tg Caption 1


Remaining Editing Contest Clips - Edited by Me

Vaizo - Kindergarten I wanted to use up all the clips from the editing contest to get them out of the way for new things. Some of these have been in other en...

tg captions 1000 coins shorts 3

A litle late this week but here is the 3rd installment in the shorts series.

tg captions 1000coins wiccanswrath

After a week of messing around with my computer, I'm back.

Tg caption 2

tg caption.

TG Phoenixx Montage

Not done.

TG Captions 2

Finally my second TG Captions.Hope you like them, please comment.

TG Captions - Requests

This is the first requested vid ive done, I hope you like it Jessica.

TG Caption 17

Update: New Blog at find captions there first before they go up on youtube! A like and comment would be really appreciated!!! Thank you for all your support,...

Tg caption 4

tg caption 4 longer.

Tg caption 15

Update: New Blog at find captions there first before they go up on youtube! For once I'm on time! Thanks for all the support, it's great so see that I've almost...

tG Despair Montage #1

let me know if you want to see more.

Tg Montage

Thanks To TG Affect And Unfortunutly TG Fusion (: Love You Guys.

tg caption Revenge gone wrong

This is a tg caption video about revenge going wrong and the victims enjoying their new bodies more than their old ones.

Tg caption 1

My first Tg caption.

tg captions: 1000 coins shorts 2

Second in the shorts series.

tg captions: 1000coinstg: wiccan's wrath 1

a episode in the wiccans wrath saga.