tg caption montage #3

finally here enjoy.

TG Caption Montage N° 1

My first Caption Montage, I hope you'll like it.

My next Tg caption montage

finally my next edition.

Tg Caption 6

Number 6, I do not own these pictures.

TG Caption Montage 4

yea keeping promise for every month or so.

TG Caption Montage #4 HIGH QUALITY

high quality happy.

Tg Caption Number 3

Number 3, please rate, comment and Surgestions welcome.

Transgendered Caption Montage #1

A Transgendered Caption Montage I hope you all enjoy it.

Transgender Caption Montage #3

A Transgendered caption Montage. Enjoy!

TG Caption Fantasies - Part 2

I do not claim ownership of any of these pictures.

Fictional TG captions

This is all fictional which means could happen but didn't actually happen. If this was real I would have called it Factual TG captions.

emilysTG captions

an assortment of tg captions.

Transgendered Caption Montage #2

A Transgendered Caption Montage.

tg captions 1.wmv

my first video please comment.

Tg Captions 4

Number 4 is here, please rate, comment, and surggest!!!

Tg Caption 7: Bikini Special

Bikini special, thank you to everyone who has subscribed!!!

tg caption #1

i do not own any of these picture.

TG Caption Montge # 2


TG Caption Fantasies - Part 26

I do not claim ownership of any of these pictures In case you have good idea's for new captions please share.

Emo tg captions

like i promised here you go good luck Sophia Watson We'll all miss one of the greatest tg accounts though TGEmily.

emo tg captions #2

number 2's finally done plus im still alive im not out of the tg race yet.

TG Special Bikini Captions 4

Just a really quick one i threw together while my girlfriend was asleep next to me, so when i get more time ill finish it properly, but this should be enough...

Tg caption 12

Thanks for watching. I'm trying to do one of these a month but bear with me as these things take a while to edit. Send any photos yo...

Tg Caption 11

Sorry I didn't meet my 1 month deadline, I've been visiting family abroad. Hope you like the new intro and outro. Please like, subscribe and most importantly...

TG Captions #1

This is my first one so please dont comment if your gonna be a jerk.



Beach TG Captions #1

This is the first of many to come so leave comments. Also sorry it's so short.

emo tg #3

bout time eh.

Tg caption "desi stylle"


TG captions 11

a quicky, i dont own any of these pictures.

TG Captions 2

Finally my second TG Captions.Hope you like them, please comment.

TG - The Gathering -- Cake Montage --- Unfinished

I do not own the audio etc etc.

Big-TG | CoD MW2 Montage II

Second montage sur MW2.

tg caption 2

i do not own these pictures.


This is a TG caption made by a straght dude. I do not own Any pictures nore the music. This is the ultimate male fantasy.

tg captions: 1000coins wiccans wrath conclusion

The conclusion to the wiccans wrath saga.

tg captions: 1000coinstg quicky 2

I've been really buisy with some big changes in the collectors stories on my blog. All will be revealed soon when I release the 1 year special.