Mernyei mini forwarder

A látható erdészeti gép eladó! Észrevételeket, kérdéseket, véleményt nyugodtan lehet írni!

Mini-Forwarder auf der Elmia Wood 2013

Mini-Forwarder sind eine echte Alternative bei Durchforstungen. Sehr wendig, in engen Beständen einsetzbar, mit wenig Bodendruck arbeitend, enorm geländegängig durch kurze Überhänge und...


Frank Ekberg manövrerar miniskotaren Woodtiger med säker hand.

Mini Forwarder

A strange little log forwarder.

Kinetic 8x8 pienmetsäkone UUTUUS

Kinetic pienmetsäkone UUTUUS. Kuitupuunajoa kuusitaimikosta.


Kleiner Forwarder bei der Holzbringung.


Mini-Forwarder Vorführung / KWF-Messe Olsberg 2008.

RF8 8x8 /2

Eigenbau RF8 8x8 Forwarder.

Alstor 821 diesel

Alstor 821 diesel, bilder och videoklipp på maskinen. Alstor finns att köpa ny som begagnad hos Kjellsson natur & utveckling.

Kinetic forward logs from mining area.

Kinetic mini-forwrder info


ALSTOR 8x8 all terrain vehicle, capable utility vehicle, extreme terrain carrier, forwarde, miniforwarder, concrete mixer opr chipper - or lets say "whateveryouwant". THis vehicle can go to...

Forwarder Malwa 460 - Thinning Operation

Forwarder Malwa 460 - Thinning Operation From: Malwa Website: YouTube Channel: --------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Country 480 log crane makes quick firewood in Latvia.

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Miniskotare Home made forwarder 2

Ved hämtning med hembygget.

COUNTRY 470 + T30 with small tractor TYM 353 HST

crane reach 4,7m and trailet max load 3T Perfect fit for small tractor from 20hp.

Kranman T1700 4WD working hard

Collecting huge firewood with miniforwarder.



COUNTRY 470 + T30 with small tractor TYM 353 HST

small tractor forset log treiler.

ALSTOR 830 Ralsko 2012 Skelná Huť

ALSTOR 830 byl předveden veřejnosti i na mistrovství v práci motorovou pilou a lesnických dnech v Ralsku, pořádaných Vojenskými lesy ČR. ALSTOR 830 on forestry days in RALSKO in...

Country 330 log crane presentation in Belarus(Лесовозные тележки с гидроманипуляторами)

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Falcon Forwarder - overall award winner in the Ploughing 2014 Innovation Arena Award



Mini-Forwarder wird Vorgeführt / KWF-Messe Olsberg/2008.

Allstor Demo at APF 2012

Allstor of Sweden's mini - forwarder which can carry a payload of 2 tonnes or two cubic metres. Ideal machine for for broadleaf first thinnings or smaller conifer plantations where hiring...


ALSTOR working in specific terrain of forests on flat ground where the underground water level is practicaly even with the ground level. Neusson harvester should work further but sank down...

1974 Iron Mule Forwarder

Need logging done in the Forest county or the Langlade county Wisconsin area? If so,call 715-484-2506 or 715-610-2748 Thanks! :)

Lego Technic MOC: Forwarder

More photos and information at: Music by longzijun. Credits to DHC6Twinotter for inspiration to the bogies. Credits to jjrailton for the joystick control.

TimberPro 810B Forwarder

810B Forwarder.