Mernyei mini forwarder

A látható erdészeti gép eladó! Észrevételeket, kérdéseket, véleményt nyugodtan lehet írni!

Mini-Forwarder auf der Elmia Wood 2013

Mini-Forwarder sind eine echte Alternative bei Durchforstungen. Sehr wendig, in engen Beständen einsetzbar, mit wenig Bodendruck arbeitend, enorm geländegäng...


Kleiner Forwarder bei der Holzbringung.

Mini Forwarder

A strange little log forwarder.

Malwa 460 - Vikingstad 1 (2)

Logging with Malwa 460 in Vikingstad Sweden. Malwa forwarder with loadsensing, torque-limited hydraulic pump.

Forwarder HDS FARMA C5,1D



Mini-Harvester Vorführung / KWF-Messe Olsberg 2008.

Mactrac Släpar på tunga stockar

Mactrac Släpar på tunga stockar.

FORCAR F210 Autocargador Forestal - Forest Forwarder

FORCAR F210 (FORestal CARdelle) Autocargador Forestal - Forest Forwarder. Capacidad de carga: 15 tn. Transmisión Automática. Load capacity: 15 tn. Automatic ...

EnviroMax All Terrain Log Forwarder

Presenting the newest innovation for the logging industry,EnviroMax All Terrain Log Forwarder, developed by Howard Godfrey 440-645-7970.


Mini-Forwarder Vorführung / KWF-Messe Olsberg 2008.


Mini-Forwarder wird Vorgeführt / KWF-Messe Olsberg/2008.

Kranman T1700 4WD working hard

Collecting huge firewood with miniforwarder.


Unique Vimek Vimek's patented Brake link gives much more effective handling without dangerous oscillation of the grapples. It's also possible to load the tre...

Arb Truck and Mini Arb Trailer

Tree and Forestry company, Woodpoint Ltd trial the ever popular Micro Arb Truck, using it to thin out young trees from a very large woodland estate in Berksh...


The k2 940 Forwarder unloading.

Forwarder LVS510.wmv

Forwarder Novotný LVS 510 during the work. LVS 510 is new model of small forwarder from Novotný. LVS 510 is designed instead of popular model Novotný LVS 5.

Allstor Demo at APF 2012

Allstor of Sweden's mini - forwarder which can carry a payload of 2 tonnes or two cubic metres. Ideal machine for for broadleaf first thinnings or smaller co...


ALSTOR 8x8 all terrain vehicle, capable utility vehicle, extreme terrain carrier, forwarde, miniforwarder, concrete mixer opr chipper - or lets say "whatever...



Bison 8000 grusning

Kranman Bison 8000 Kubota 24hp diesel, Hydrostatic 6WD drive, 4.4m crane Made in Sweden.

Forwarder TimberPro T840 8x8

Forwarder TimberPro T840 8x8.

Forwarder Komatsu 890.3 - 6x6

Forwarder Komatsu 890.3 - 6x6 em operação, realizando o baldeio de Eucalipto. Filmado por: Gustavo Castro.


Frank Ekberg manövrerar miniskotaren Woodtiger med säker hand.

Alstor 8x8 - Borders Machinery Ring

An Alstor 8x8 in operation. An Alstor 8x8 is an 8 wheel drive vehicle capable of travelling across rough terrain and sensitive areas. It uses a loader to lif...

Mini-Königstiger + JohnDeere 1110

Harvester Mini-Königstiger and Forwarder JohnDeere 1110 in mountainous conditions.

Elmia Wood 2013, Ecolog

The major new innovation is perfect weight distribution both with and without a load. The result is considerably reduced ground pressure, as reflected in the...

Timberjack - Old Spruce - Alte Fichte

Ein Timberjack beim Laden einer alten Fichte. Facebook: Twitter: A Timberjack ...


Binderberger RW 14 in action.

Estonian Farmers made forwarders MTZ+ 150+ Ural


Alstor 821 8x8 test run and under the hood inspection

First test run and under the hood inspection of the new Alstor 821 during a visit at Gösta Gustavsson in southern Sweden, summer 2013.