ERMA - WERKE Mod. ERP 74 cal. 4mm M20

Pistole od zbrojovky ERMA Model ERP 74 v provedení flobert 4 mm M20 připomínající slavný Walther PPK Možno zakoupit -

Erma Werke lever action vs mobile phone

Fg712 lever action 22 using winchester 22 Z's made with Video Editor for iPad

ERMA - WERKE, Model - KGP68A, Kal-7.65 / 32 (Semi-Automatic) Since 1938.

ERMA-WERKE, Model-KGP68A, Kal-7.65 / 32. Semi-Automatic, Reg. Patents ( Made In Germany ) Serial No-1050. Year Manufacture, 1938. (Now In Pakistan)

ERMA Mod. EGP 75S Schreckschusspistole: Übersicht

Video über die ERMA Mod. EGP 75S Schreckschusspistole mit der PTB-Nummer 401 im Kaliber 8mmK. Die ERMA EGP 75S ist ein ungefährer Nachbau der Walther PPK. Ic...

Erma Werke .22LR lever action rifle

This is a video showing some of the power a 22 LR can do to a tin filled with water at 50 meters and some fast shooting. The gun i was using was a Erma Werke...

ERMA WERKE fg712 .22 lever action disassembly

How to dissemble a German lever action to clean the barrel.

.22LR Backup handgun-Erma Werke

pequeña y rara pistola.

erma werke EP 882s 22lr

LR 22 long range.

Erma Werke KGP 68A - .380 ACP

Erma Werke KGP 86A - .380 ACP.

Paty disparando con Bersa, Glock, Steyr y Erma Werke

Paty disparando con Bersa, Glock, Steyr y Erma Werke.

pistola .22 Erma Werke

descripcion de esta rara pistola.


RETROUVER CE PRODUIT SUR Reproduction de marque ERMA de la fameuse carabine US M1.

ERMA EGP75 in Slowmotion / ERMA EGP75 in Zeitlupe

Die Schreckschußwaffe ERMA EGP75 in Zeitlupe geschossen von Wolfdale Blank Gun ERMA EGP 75 in Slowmotion shooted by Wolfdale "Eine Vertreterin der zahlreiche...

Shooting the Erma M1 .22lr Carbine

This is possibly the best .22lr semi-auto carbine ever made. Period. Imma gonna do a review later.

Shooting at Little-River Rifle Range

a mate of mine shooting the erma eg 71, .22LR and Not 1 target was hit that day.

Erma luger 22lr

W. German luger by erma.

Silent Hunter III Sinking of HMS Nelson

Rockall Banks, convoy attack with U-35, Nelson spotted and sunk.

Mount and Blade Randomness

Some random shots taken from Mount and Blade 0.950.

Bears Bears Bears

Hunting Unlimited 2008 bears charging out of nowhere..?

Erma M1 .22lr Carbine Review

Finally, a review of the Erma M1 .22lr carbine. Bear with me, since this is my first review and English is not my first language. See also my other vids for ...

Erma M1 .22lr Carbine Disassembly

Erma M1 .22lr Carbine is an overly complex piece of equipment (it's German, that explains).. So I did a disassembly vid, with written directions..

Use or Del?

Joined Erma !!

Tir a la Erma .22 LR

Tir a la Erma réplique m1 carabine en .22 lr.

Shooting erma 25acp....pos

Me shooting piece of shit erma 25acp.shot 3 mags all had failure to feed,stove pipe, and plain issues. Rate, comment, please sub.



Shooting bottles with a high speed camera (slow motion) wanna be like the slow mo guys

Playing around with my sony action cam in super slow motion 720p @ 120 frames per second. Shooting a few wine bottles with my Erma-Werke .22 lr. my buddy wal...

ERMA Mod. EGP 88 Schreckschusspistole: Übersicht

Übersichts-Video über die Schreckschusspistole EGP 88 von ERMA. Die ERMA Mod. EGP 88 ist ein Nachbau der Walther P38 im Kaliber 8mm K. Das K steht für Knall....

Pistole Erma EP 652 (disassebly) zerlegen

Dieses Video zeigt wie die Pistole Erma EP652 zerlgt (disassembly) wird. Die Taschenpistole hat das Kaliber .22 Lon Rifle.

Erma RX22 Automatic pistol

Erma excam RX22.