Erma Werke KGP 68A - .380 ACP

Erma Werke KGP 86A - .380 ACP.

Erma-Werke M1 Carbine .22lr in slow-motion

Erma Werke EP452 .22lr Short Review and Field Strip

A short review and disassembly of an Erma Werke EP452 in .22lr. Styled as a 1911 but internally very close to a Walther PPK. Also produced as the PK22 by ...

ERMA - WERKE, Model - KGP68A, Kal-7.65 / 32 (Semi-Automatic) Since 1938.

ERMA-WERKE, Model-KGP68A, Kal-7.65 / 32. Semi-Automatic, Reg. Patents ( Made In Germany ) Serial No-1050. Year Manufacture, 1938. (Now In Pakistan)

Erma Werke .22LR lever action rifle

This is a video showing some of the power a 22 LR can do to a tin filled with water at 50 meters and some fast shooting. The gun i was using was a Erma Werke ...

ERMA - WERKE Mod. ERP 74 cal. 4mm M20

Pistole od zbrojovky ERMA Model ERP 74 v provedení flobert 4 mm M20 připomínající slavný Walther PPK Možno zakoupit ...

ERMA WERKE fg712 .22 lever action disassembly

How to dissemble a German lever action to clean the barrel.

pistola .22 Erma Werke

descripcion de esta rara pistola.

.22LR Backup handgun-Erma Werke

pequeña y rara pistola.

Erma Werke lever action vs mobile phone

Fg712 lever action 22 using winchester 22 Z's made with Video Editor for iPad

Lego Erma werke

i accidentally made a WW2 German weapon I though I would show it of to you guys.

ERMA EGP75 in Slow motion / ERMA EGP75 in Zeitlupe

Die Schreckschußwaffe ERMA EGP75 in Zeitlupe geschossen von Wolfdale Blank Gun ERMA EGP 75 in Slowmotion shooted by Wolfdale "Eine Vertreterin der ...

erma werke EP 882s 22lr

LR 22 long range.

Erma M1 30 .22 test fire 2

Test firing my erma m1 30 carbine in .22 calibre. For sale here ...

German Luger P08 Parabellum Erma Werke Mod Kgp Wather P38 Custom Holster

German Luger P08 Parabellum Erma Werke Mod Kgp Wather P38 Custom Holster Leather Tan

Erma werke .22lr shooting bottles slow motion

Playing around with my sony action cam in super slow motion 720p @ 120 frames per second. Shooting a few wine bottles with my Erma-Werke .22 lr. my buddy ...

Présentation ERMA EG 712 Cal 22lr - Lever Action Rifle

Présentation de ma carabine à levier de sous-garde. Marque : ERMA-WERKE (Allemagne) Modèle : EG 712 Calibre : 22LR 22Long et 22 Short Poids : 2,7 Kg ...

Erma M1 .22lr Carbine Review

Finally, a review of the Erma M1 .22lr carbine. Bear with me, since this is my first review and English is not my first language. See also my other vids for me ...

Самое распространенное оружие Второй Мировой войны. Пистолеты-пулеметы сороковых годов.

Пистолет-пулемет MP.38, часто ошибочно именуемый "Шмайсер", был разработаны немецким конструктором Фольмером...

Erma Carabine M1 22 LR Visita


séance tir Erma usm1 22lr

Erma Maschinenpistole 1935

Erma Maschinenpistole 1935 Sjekk vår hjemmeside The Erma EMP-35 was a blowback submachine gun ...

Обзор и Описание Револьвера ERMA ER 432

В начале 1980-х годов немецкая компания «Erma Werke» выпустила револьверы ERMA ER 422 и ER 423, рассчитанные под патроны...

Обзор и Описание Револьвера ERMA ER 772 ER 773 ER 777

Во второй половине 1980-х годов компания «Erma Werke» разработала и приступила к выпуску новой серии спортивных...

MP38 (Maschinenpistole 38) Submachine Gun (1938) - Details Specs

MP38 (Maschinenpistole 38) Submachine Gun (1938) - Details Specs Country of Origin: Nazi Germany Manufacturer: Erma-Werke - Nazi Germany Initial Year of ...

Erma Mod. EGR 66 - Nachbau des S&W Chiefs Special Mod. 36

Essai ERMA Eg712 à 50m

Carabine a levier de sous garde Erma Eg712 calibre 22lr. Tir a 50m en visée ouverte. Vent nul, 15°c.

Diving and Shooting (Dongara WA)

The boys and I decided to head north for a weekend of camping diving and shooting. Ended up with a couple of dhufish and a few crays after the mornings dive, ...

Tania Пистолет-пулемет MP.40..mp4 2012 Kiev UA

Пистолет-пулемет MP.38, часто ошибочно именуемый "Шмайсер", был разработаны немецким конструктором Фольмером...

Erma ESP 85 Sportpstole

Erma ESP 85 Sportpstole cal. .32 mit Wechselsystem cal. 22 lfb zum sportlichem Schießen und Dank der Sicherung auch zum Jagdsport und jagdlichem ...

Mount and Blade Randomness

Some random shots taken from Mount and Blade 0.950.

Erma ERP 74 semi automatic pistol 4 mm M20

Very precise german semi ( muscle - ) automatic pistol designed for target practice at a distance of 10 m. Chambered via adaptor cartrige for the 4 mm M20 ...

Denix MP 40 Submachine Gun Replica

The MP 38 and MP 40 (MP designates Maschinenpistole) were submachine guns developed in Nazi Germany and used extensively by Fallschirmjäger ...

Just Cause 2 - Greasing the farm implement

The Panauan soldier handbook never mentioned this.


Украинско-Немецкое совместное предприятие «Шмайсер» было основано 26 апреля 1994 года одной из ведущих оруже...

MP40 Garry's Mod

Like, Subscribe and Comment. :) Bean6754 Wikipedia: "The MP 40 was a submachine gun chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge. It was developed ...

Bears Bears Bears

Hunting Unlimited 2008 bears charging out of nowhere..?

Silent Hunter III Sinking of HMS Nelson

Rockall Banks, convoy attack with U-35, Nelson spotted and sunk.