Tefere Selefe - Dildil Belew - Best Bahilawi Zefen ke Sekota[now with better video quality]

An other catchy song from Sekota. I especially liked the Wudase for the late General Hailu Kebede who was beheaded by fascist Italy of Mussolini in a village called Wolleh which is located...

Kibret Belay - Abet Afetater [Wollo Ethiopia bahilawi zefen]


Tsigereda Mamo - Mamaru [Bahilawi Zefen Ke Sekota]

Enjoy the music and love Ethiopia.

Aster Mulualem - Qenalem, Kenalem [bahilawi zefen]

Ethiopian bahilawi zefen from wollo.

Tiruwork Ayele - Lallo Billo [Ethiopian Bahilawi zefen]

Wag ena Lasta, Sekota Ethiopia.

Tefere Selefe & Sara Mamo - Bahilawi Zefen ke Sekota(Best Masinko tune)

Lately we have been getting a number of good songs from Sekota, this is another awesome hit with beautiful eskista and mind blowing Masinko Tune!

Awesome Bahilawi zefen Ke Sekota Ethiopia by Aster Wolde

Best Azmari tune from Sekota once again. All are invited to enjoy, and dance.

Genet Assefa - Bahilawi Zefen

Genet Assefa - Bahilawi Zefen.

Banchi-Amlak Getahun - Bahilawi zefen ke Sekota Ethiopia

Yet again another awesome bahilawi song from the beautiful people of Wag, the central north part of Ethiopia, with a mesmerizing masinko beat which happens to be the signature of all the songs...

Muket Abebe - Shiwrewe [Agewugna Bahilawi zefen ke Sekota Ethiopia]

This song is from the Agews in Wag, Sekota Ethiopia.

Emebet Mkonnen - Goferew (Mirt Bahilawi Zefen keSekota)

To all Ethiopian bahilawi music lovers, here is another awesome song with a brilliant Masinko tune from Sekota. The summer time bucolic scenery and the village dancers are other reasons to...

Ethiopian Idol Addis Ababa - Bahilawi Zefen - Episode 01

Ethiopian Idol Addis Ababa - Bahilawi Zefen - Episode 01.

Ethiopian Bahilawi Zefen

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Ethiopian Idol 2009 - Bahilawi Zefen - Episode 16

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Eyulegn - Tizazu Beteru - Bahilawi Zefen

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Best Bahilawi Zefen and Eskista from Sekota by Awetu Eyasu and pals

This song too has one of the best Masinko tunes from the singing group in Sekota Ethiopia. The language of the song is Agewugna as it is spoken in the northern part of Wag. Enjoy!

Eneyew Yeshambel - Gojam Mefeter - Bahilawi

Eneyew Yeshambel - Gojam Mefeter - Bahilawi.

Chalachew Ashenafi - Hmemyew

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Tiruwork Ayele - Meyisaw [Ethiopian Bahilawi, Gondere]

Gonder Ethiopian bahilawi zefen.

Bahilawi Ye Chifera Zefen

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Traditional Silte Bahilawi Ye Chifera Zefen

Traditional Silte Bahilawi Ye Chifera Zefen.

Tefere Selefe - Best Ethiopian Skota Music

Tefere Selefe - Best Ethiopian Skota Music Tefere Selefe & Sara Mamo - Bahilawi Zefen ke Sekota New Ethiopian Music 2014 BEST Ethiopian Music 2014 New Ethiopian Traditional Music 2014 HOT...

New Ethiopian Music 2014 Men Yetrash by Wendi Mak - (Official Video)

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New ethiopian traditional amharic music 2013 GOJAM by KEBERET BELAY

Ethiopian traditional amharic music by KEBERET BELAY GOJAM Producer Romario Music Shop +251912067132 Camera editing and mastering by M squire production Metaferia Bekele ...

Ethiopians @ church pt.2

ethiopians singing at church~